Whole Core Flame Resistant Conveyer Belt PVC Pvg Conveyor Belt for Coal

Whole Core Flame Resistant Conveyer Belt PVC Pvg Conveyor Belt for Coal

Usage Flame Resistant Conveyor belt are used extensively in many industries including mining, wood, paper & pulp, sugar & food, recycling and chemical & fertilizer plants. Feature The product is made of nylon canvas or EP canvas, with special formula of rubber, and it is finished...

Product Details

Fast delivery Carboxy Methyl Cellulose for Low Rolling Resistance Energy-saving Conveyor Belt, Steel Curtain Net Belt, Anti-puncture Conveyor Belt. The spirit of enterprise is serious, hardworking, sincere and goodwill, and the code of conduct is to be a good person, do good things, work with a career attitude, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, and be diligent in learning. Our objective is to ensure that our company adapts to the changing market environment in an overall and planned way, and to seek the survival and growth. We are looking for more and more customers to create the glorious future. In order to ensure better quality and service, we now have been focusing on the production process.



higher rubber cover force with perfect flexibility,anti-impact and abrasion, bulk materials is uneasy to slip
flame retardant fabric, firm structure, light and soft , safe and stable , anti fatigue with long life
high efficiency of splicing and convenient splicing operation
flame retardant anti static self protection and safest
light belt, thinner and energy saving and environment friendly

Product description:

Flame resistant High tensile strength, longer service life, low elongation, high impact resistance and tear resistance


Our company has an experienced team dedicated to the research and development of Whole Core Flame Resistant Conveyer Belt PVC Pvg Conveyor Belt for Coal, and can customize various products according to the different requirements of customers. We keep moving forward since we have a huge corporate cohesion and a humanized corporate culture, adhering to the concept of integrity, pragmatism, and innovation. Continuously meeting customer needs is our top priority, and we will do our best to guarantee each customer's service requirements.


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