Polyurethane Scraper for Mining Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Polyurethane Scraper for Mining Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Shengrun Belting has a widely experience in the mining around the world. Our teams have developed a top quality range of abrasion, cutting, flame resistance designed for virtually every application and process in the mining. Because of paramount importance of safety, our belts designed for use...

Product Details

Our company is committed to offering customers with high-quality, safe Cleated Belts, Sidewall And Cleated Conveyor Belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt at competitive prices, and creating satisfactory services for every customer. Our clients mainly distributed in the international markets. In terms of product research and development and design, our company adheres to the strategy of independent innovation, grasps the industry development frontier and improves the company's innovation and research and development capability. We firmly believe that pay before return, quality before brand, and responsibility before development. With our strong research team, advanced production facilities, scientific management and top services, we will supply high quality products to our customers worldwide.


•Dual layer twill fabric improves load bearing and impact resistance for long distance conveyor system at high speed
•Excellent impact resistance
•Dual layer twill fabric design enables high transverse tear strength 
•Superior rip resistance can withstand high abuse applications
•Low elingation
•Exceptional stability under high temperature

NN conveyor belt
Good elasticity, high strength, good flexibility and trough ability, more loading capacity for medium and long distance conveyor at high speed.

We have always insisted on seeking survival and development by quality, and constantly exploring the development field of Polyurethane Scraper for Mining Conveyor Belt Cleaner. Customer satisfaction and success are the most important yardsticks to measure our work performance. We adhere to the management philosophy of people-oriented, realistic and innovative, honesty first, and customer first. And a complete sales network has been initially formed in various places, which can provide users with high-quality products and good after-sales service in a timely manner. We sincerely hope you can give us an prospect to provide you and be your best partner!


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