Longlife Heat Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt for Crushed Stone

Longlife Heat Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt for Crushed Stone

Overview High temperature environments expose belts to an accelerated ageing process resulting in a hardening and cracking of the rubber surface. This can result in serious damage to the actual belt carcass because heat can cause separation between the plies. Our team has developed belts of heat...

Product Details

We constantly develop Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt, Belts Conveyor For Cement, Sidewall And Cleated Conveyor Belt of different grades and prices to meet the needs of buyers with different demands. Our company is grateful to every customer and ensures that every product produced by the company has excellent quality and timely and thoughtful after-sales service. Employees are the core of enterprise value creation, so our company respect employees and wish to develop together with them. We follow superior mechanism to process these goods that ensure optimum durability and reliability of the goods. With the continuous development of economy and technology, we will continue to make progress, launch more high-quality products, and continuously improve the after-sales service system to provide customers with better services.


Product description:
Heat resistant belts are suitable for conveying high temperature materials over long run and retaining flexibility despite punishing conditions. The belts are designed for minimal stretching as well as ensures maximum strength and high stability and provide maximum resistance to  the deteriorating effects of high heat when conveying materials at high temperatures.
The elt has an excellent performance to resistant 180°c ambient circumstance, the bulk material temperature is allowed up to continuous 300°c and up to instant 800°.


Cement Industry Steel and iron industry
FertilizerBelting for Chemical Industry
Coking plantsFoundries
Submerged Ash HandlingWaste utilization
Glass Works

We have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge and technology, and created Longlife Heat Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt for Crushed Stone that meets customer needs with good technology and innovative spirit. Our product sales and service network covers all over the world, widely exported overseas. With a strong team of experienced engineers in hose design and development, we value every opportunity to provide best products and solutions for our customers.
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