Kevlar Aramid Conveyor Insulation Felt Timing Belt for Aluminum

Kevlar Aramid Conveyor Insulation Felt Timing Belt for Aluminum

Fabric Conveyor Belt The structure of straight warp and straight weft consists of aramid cords in warp and nylon cord in warp in both sides, which will protect the belt. Shengrun has developed the belts that have achieved perfect combination between carcass and cover. And, this can lead to a...

Product Details

All units are welcome to choose the Steel Cord Sidewall Conveyor Belt, Intelligent Anti-tear Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt produced by our company. We are willing to cooperate with you loyally and develop together! We provide you with high-quality products and services with excellent technology and equipment, advanced design concept, professional production process, customer-oriented service consciousness and competitive cost advantage. After years of stable development, our company has established a complete system and continuously expanded the field of business. You may find the lowest price here. We have been looking for more and more customers to create the glorious future.

•Exceptional abrasionresistanceofless50mm3,it is exceeding the requirements for DIN-W grade of 90mm3 under the German standard DIN 22102.

•Offers asignificantly longer life to save time for downtime
•The performance ismorethan20% reductioninbeltingwearandthe service life is longer 30~ 50% than the regular belt

Product description:

The framework is NN or EP fabric which is suitable to convey materials under high-impact and high-abrasion conditions for middle and long distance

In line with the concept of 'success depends on products, credit comes from satisfactory service', we constantly provide users with excellent Kevlar Aramid Conveyor Insulation Felt Timing Belt for Aluminum and perfect after-sales service. We carry out a systematic product development work, and we continue to absorb fresh blood. We have obtained the unanimous recognition of the manufacturers because we are in line with the efficient productivity, excellent quality and reasonable price.


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