Industrial and Agricultural Use Nylon/Nn Rubber Conveyor Belt

Industrial and Agricultural Use Nylon/Nn Rubber Conveyor Belt

Introduction Shengrun Belting has a widely experience in the agriculture around the world. Our teams have developed a top quality range of abrasion resistance and a low cost maintaining designed for virtually every application and process in the agriculture. Feature - High resistance to ageing...

Product Details

Skilled skilled knowledge, potent sense of company, to satisfy the provider requirements of consumers for Conveyor Belt In Steel Industries, Anti-tear Conveyor Belt, Sidewall And Cleated Conveyor Belt. After long-term practical experience and continuous improvement and optimization of structural design, our products achieve excellent performance in terms of efficiency, performance and safety. Our company is an enterprise full of vitality, aggressiveness and broad development space. We have our own unique methods.

Product description:
Polyester core conveyer belt is a multi-layer polyester canvas bonded together, the top to bottom are covered with high strength, good wear-resistant flexible rubber, for conveying small and medium-sized block, powder, granular and other materials. Applicable for long-distance, high capacity, high-speed delivery of materials.

• The belts are rugged, fabric reinforced and withstand high abuse applications
• Exceptional impact resistance : The fabric design improves load bearing and impact resistance
• Superior rip resistance
• Excellent fastener holding retention
• Low elongation reduces stretch
• EP or DSEP carcass,DSEP has better stability under high temperature

We are committed to the R&D, manufacturing, sales of Industrial and Agricultural Use Nylon/Nn Rubber Conveyor Belt and provide customer with technical services. Our company seeks development in competition, and seek opportunities in challenges. We fully follow the needs of customers, and continuously carry out product innovation and service improvement.


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