High Quality Hot Sale Textile Conveyor Belts

High Quality Hot Sale Textile Conveyor Belts

Application Anti-adhesion conveyor belts are widely used for conveying in industries as electricity, coal, steel, ports, cement, chemical industries, etc. which will clay, nickel ore, sand, coal and other viscous materials not easy to adhere onto the belt thus keep the belt clean. Feature -Low...

Product Details

We will try our best to provide customers with better Steel Cord Pipe Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Belt In Steel Industries, Sidewall And Cleated Conveyor Belt and services with more enthusiasm and more efficient measurements. Products are sold throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions. We have a complete product whole-process manufacturing quality control system. We believe that employees are the company's basic resources and fundamental assets, and the company is a platform for employees to pursue wealth and career.


Product description:

The framework is NN or EP fabric which is suitable to convey materials under high-impact and high-abrasion conditions for middle and long distance

NN conveyor belt:
   •High tensile strength
   •Excellent troughability
   •High resistance against impact
   •Strong adhesion and less ply separation
   •Good accommodation to carrier roller and being well kept straight on
EP conveyor belt:
    •Minimizing the moving distance of take-up
    •High Modulus
    •Excellent water resistance
    •Suitable for long lines

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