Rope Conveyor Belt Damage Form

- Feb 10, 2018-

Rope conveyor belt damage in many forms, mainly: the rubber surface of the serious wear and tear; tear edge; tear. Among them, the conveyor belt tear is the most damaging form of damage, it mainly refers to the delivery of sharp materials in the material into the conveyor belt or conveyor belt pulled out of the longitudinal tear of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt tearing is a kind of accidental damage, but it is destructive. If it can not be controlled in time, the whole conveyor belt will be torn (the accident of the conveyor belt being torn for several thousands of meters happens in the port) , Bringing huge direct and indirect economic losses to the port. Therefore, the protection of the conveyor belt tearing and testing, has been the conveyor belt manufacturer, the user's attention. At the same time, the relevant national standards also require the conveyor belt should be installed to prevent longitudinal tear and tear detection device.