How To Choose The Conveyor Belt

- Feb 10, 2018-

The choice of conveyor belt needs to consider a variety of factors, mainly: Conveyor system requirements related to the conveyor belt; Terrain environmental conditions and safety requirements; Conveyor material type, shape, size, characteristics, with or without heat and chemical The role of; maximum bandwidth required, working tension and conveying capacity; minimum diameter drum; into the groove and lateral stiffness; load support; curve section and the transition section length; tensioning mode and travel; As well as the operation cycle of the conveyor belt: impact and tear resistance requirements; connector conditions; and shall comply with the following provisions:

A short distance belt conveyor, should choose polyester fabric conveyor belt. Large delivery capacity, long distance, lifting height, tension of the belt conveyor, should use steel cord conveyor belt. The company is located in:

2 The material being conveyed contains a large block of material. And the direct drop in the receiving point larger, should use anti-impact, tear-proof conveyor. The company is located in:

3 layered fabric core conveyor belt maximum number of layers should not exceed 6 layers: When the transport of materials on the conveyor belt thickness has special requirements, may be appropriate to increase. The company is located in:

4 underground belt conveyor must use flame retardant conveyor belt.