DIN Standard EP/NN Fabric Core Conveyor Belt

DIN Standard EP/NN Fabric Core Conveyor Belt

General purpose fabric conveyor belt is made of rubberized cotton canvas or polyester cotton canvas as carcass and covered with general-used rubber both on top and bottom. The carcass bear all loads while conveying.

Product Details

Product description:
Fabric conveyor belts are named accroding to different carcass: Cotton conveyor belt , Nylon conveyor belt ,  EP conveyor belt.

EP belt is the combination of Polyester in warp and Nylon in weft. EP belt provides far much lower elongation than NN belt and it can also be used for special purposes.

The framework is EP fabric which is suitable to convey materials under high-impact and high-abrasion conditions for middle and long distance


    •Minimizing the moving distance of take-up
    •High Modulus
    •Excellent water resistance
    •Suitable for long lines